Folding Doors

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More Of A View - Folding Doors

The Ultraline folding door system has been developed to maximize contemporary design.

Balance and symmetry are an inherent characteristic of the system with equal section widths of 50mm to create combined door sight lines of only 110mm.

Enviable thermal properties coupled with strength and durability create the ultimate folding door.

• Sash Width: 50mm (110mm sight Line)

• Sash Depth: 58mm (Sash Stacking Depth)

• Maximum opening width: 10M

• Maximum Height: 3M

• Panel height range: 1000mm – 3000mm

• Panel width range: 550mm – 1100mm

• Glass Units:

• Double Glazed Units 24mm

• Triple Glazed Units 38mm

• Integrated Blind Units 28mm

• U-Value of 1.63 – 1.37 w/m2k